The staffing industry is a crowded market with over 200 agencies of all sizes and abilities up and down the country. If you are looking for a reputable agency to work with, we don’t envy your task, but we can certainly make your decision easier.

Putting your client’s brands and your hard work into the hands of an external staffing agency requires a great deal of trust.

Getting this wrong could result in lost connections, bad press, negative buzz and even damage to the brand.

We know this, and our Rapscallions are fully trained on the importance of their role.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what some of our incredible clients and fabulous staff have to say about us.



Rapscallions field teams are hand selected to provide you with a versatile and valuable resource available at short notice, to be deployed across a range of channels and activations. Rapscallions recruitment and staff selection process guarantee quality and consistency of the “Rapscallions way” throughout all campaigns.


We value our Rapscallions event staff as much as we value our clients, why wouldn’t we, they are essentially our product.

It is our priority that each member of our hand selected team feel part of the Rapscallions community so they are inspired to do great work and are confident and knowledgeable in our client’s brands, products and event objectives. We want them to be excited to go to work with other diligent, interesting,  charismatic characters and of course feel valued and rewarded for their efforts.

We have and will always be proud of the people who make up our Rapscallions event teams and it’s that pride that drives us all to work harder for them and the amazing clients they represent.

So we asked the team what they thought of us……….



Meet Rapscallions Team Fantastic!

These characters are a fun culmination of some of our real life favourite team members. They outline the type of people or characteristics we look for in our real-life field teams. And yes, they live in our own fantastical “Promoland” and pop-up from time to time in our presentations and social media, but their sentiment lives in the heart of each job we book and team we carefully hand-pick.

At Rapscallions we are always striving for your Team Fantastic!

Miss Chief

Miss Chief is a strong diligent leader. She is super organised and has checked weather, transport and already visualized any challenges her and her team may face on live day. Each evening she checks through all her details again and contacts her team members to introduce herself and remind them of any key details in their brief.

She is extremely professional in her management style, setting solid boundaries and likes to set a great example to everyone around her. She knows only too well that her reputation is what keeps her busy with work and she is going to make sure she and her team get extra brownie points on every job.

Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery is the loyal, trusted, responsible leader that likes to make sure the team are doing their best at all times. He is always positive, cheery and solution driven, nothing phases him, he is calm in stressful situations but never laid back. Tom is inclusive with his team he motivates and encourages them throughout the day with friendly words, gestures and incentives. He is always a safe pair of hands for any client.

Miss Behaviour

Miss Behavior is the personification of promo, she is peppy, friendly, well-presented and self-assured. She looks great in any uniform but is not shy of showing everyone how hard working she is and why she gets booked on all the jobs. She is great at welcoming new staff members and supporting them on their first days with Rapscallions, her moto is “if you are going to do a job do it better than everyone else!” She loves the job satisfaction she gets from creating smiles and positive memories with each sampling campaign of product demonstration.

Jo King

Jo King is all about the fun he is an excitable lively character, high energy and great positive attitude. He loves promo work, loves people and loves getting to know great brands. He is in “Promoland” to work in a team where he can bounce off other positive people and make the public feel part of the buzz. Joe can really get your brand noticed and remembered.


Monkey is the team’s mascot, he is never allowed to go to work with them as he is constantly distracted, dopey and an all-round lazy mess and some would say exactly the type of staff member you would want to avoid however, he is amusing with the trouble he gets himself into.


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